2015 Officers

President, Gunnar Eisel
Vice-President, Horace Birgh
Treasurer, Margie Wilson
Secretary, Louise Guerin
Past-President,  Buck Hemenway

Board Members

Through 12/15
Louise Stack, Mary Brumbaugh, Rebecca Mallonee

Through 12/16
Shaun Adams, Dean Elzinga, Tom Vermilion


CSSA Affiliate Representative, Jim Hanna
Communique Editor & Distribution, Yvonne Hemenway
Study Group Chairpersons, Tom Glavich, Tom Vermilion, Manny Rivera
Intercity Show Chairperson, Tom Glavich
Intercity Plant Sales Chairperson, Jim Hanna
Library Chairperson, Cindy Arakaki
Membership & Roster Chairperson, Bill Gerlach
Plant of the Month Judging/Interest Table, Manny Rivera
Plant of the Month Write-ups, Tom Glavich
Plant of the Month Computations, Louise Guerin
Program Chairperson,  Woody Minnich
Reception Chairperson, Phil Skonieczki
Sunshine Chairperson, Camille Rutkowski
Winter Show Chairperson, Manny Rivera
Winter Show Plant Sales Chairperson, Buck Hemenway
Website Chairperson, Gunnar Eisel

Annual Dues (two options):
$15.00 per year with the newsletter delivered electronically

$25.00 per year with the newsletter delivered to you by the US Postal Service

All memberships expire in December. First time members joining
after July 1 will have their membership extended to December of the following year.

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