Chartered 1967 
An affiliate of the
Cactus & Succulent Society of America, Inc.

Meeting Highlights
The monthly programs, usually slide shows, are given by various experts in the hobby. Many of the programs are given by our own club members but we often get other well known guest presenters.
Plant of the Month
Each month a Cacti and Other Succulent are featured in a judged mini-competition. An informal write-up is sent out in the monthly newsletter (the Communiqué) and club members may enter up to 3 cacti and 3 other succulents each month. Enter your plants in the appropriate division based on your growing experience. Judging is done by a rotating panel with one "expert" judge and others drawn by random.  A tally of results is kept and everyone gets an award at year end for their participation .  This is a great educational activity and helps get your plants ready for the shows!
Plant of Interest Table
Bring in plants that you have questions about or just want to show off.  What is the name?  What is wrong with it? The club is lucky to have several world renowned experts who can help.
Door Prizes
Guests and members participate in a drawing during the meeting.  These plants are usually purchased by the club but donated plants are encouraged.
Larger (or rare/choice/desirable) specimens are raffled of each month. Proceeds go to the club to offset operational costs.
The McTavish Library has a very large collection of reference books and journals. You must be a member for 3 months before checking books out. Most of these books are not available at your local library. Try and help before or after meetings to help set up or put the books away .
The "goodies" are provided by volunteer hosts. Please sign up and treat everyone to your specialty!
Members often have fantastic plants, books, and pots available.
Visits with old and new friends who share this common hobby.  Introduce yourself to someone you don't know.  There are a bunch of interesting people in the club with a wide range of interests.

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